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1. The cute neat houses which seem taken out of a movie set

2. The fact that 99.9 % of people here speak English

3. Good bread

4. The fact that they have butter that doesn’t stiffen in the fridge plus a separate type of butter for cooking

5. Everything generally seems well thought (from buses, trains and ferries to social assistance)

6. You get paid if you go to school away from home

7. Beer is welcome anytime

8. You can actually leave your door open without finding your room empty after half an hour (but we’ll come back to that later)

9. The outfits people pull off when going to a club EVEN in a village

10. The incredible views. wherever you turn your head there’s a mindblowing shape of a mountain with incredible lighting emphasising its greatness. (see facebook albums :p )

It’s not a top ten. Just random ten things that came into my mind at 2 o’clock at night. Ten things I don’t like about Norway coming up soon…