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god is on vacation

Le-am făcut o schiţă la cerere. Click pe ea dacă ascultaţi vreo formă de metal. Ignoraţi Noah şi Faack. Mai decente sunt War Flowers, God is on vacation şi Dissatisfaction.  Dacă nu, here’s the lyrics I like:

God is on vacation

People eating drugs like food

Six people die not one of them sober

a guy with a beard takes a girl to the woods

While mr.jones is looking for his daughter

People killing for a piece of bread

We are throwing it at each other

Another guy holding a severed head

He caught his wife in bed with his father

I think god is on vacation

Kids and drugs walking hand in hand

Blowing up brains for nine dollars

A whorehouse in the middle of the street

Stuffed with 16 year old mothers

Guy with a beard beating up the girl

She never really had protection

Someone help our fucked up world

I think god is on vacation

War flowers


In the air made by none.

Like pieces of burned paper they were all flying against the sun.

Get the fuck back here and reclaim your seat!

Inhalate the smell of burned flesh and meat!

At least for the ones that lick your feet! too much burden for even you to treat!

Terminating. Ourselves and everyone.

Cannibalizing our own race with bright lights and a loud noise for the fun.

As the believers believe, the only thing they want to believe

ignore everything else and tell how we’re supposed to live

everything either fails or blows up to the moon

today is too late, tomorrow is too soon.

As children learn how to hate each other

and young girls pick up corpses and not flowers

then maybe we should re-educate coming generations