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I’ve been getting questions about Norway from various people and it seems that’s the main reason people read my blog. So…I decided to start a new series of posts. Just descriptions of cool moments I have had so far, sometimes with pictures. I hope it will be some good.

*cu riscul de a parea pretentioasa, cred ca renunt sa mai scriu in romana de vreme ce mai bine de jumatate din cititori se pare ca nu sunt romani…:D

First “snapshot”

It was my second night in Oslo, I was drunk with hapiness and Hansa (Norwegian beer) and we were staying at a nice guy we met through couchsurfing.

I am somewhere on a plateau in the woods, it’s dark as hell and I can barely see Liv in front of me sitting on the bench. The only things I can distinguish are her blonde dreadlocks. Far behind her, somewhere low, there’s the water of the fjord and the entire Oslo. She’s doing the unthinkable for a Norwegian:  she is sharing her ecological wine with me (It doesn’t taste that good but I’m out of beer).  We can barely see the glasses on the cold wooden table. She talks to me about how she started working as a storyteller and we end up speaking about how generally people in the Northern regions of a country have the best kinds of swearings. Somewhere around 4 o’clock it gets way too chilly for me and my woolen dress. It may be mid august but it’s still Norway and the raindrops start falling soon. We head for S.’s place without any light but the phone display, praying we’ll still find our way through the forrest. I don’t remember how we got back.