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I’m on the bus heading from Bergen to Volda. I had been dozing for a while now since the chairs are so comfy. I wake up just to see the bus stopped somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Apparently it was a bus stop. Through the window on my right I see a red-headed girl impatiently hiding a shy smile under the collar of her hoodie. She’s pacing around in her sporty “just got out of the house” outfit with hands in her pockets. Next thing I know a boy gets out of the bus almost running, throws his backpack on the sidewalk and just jumps into her arms. The last thing I see as we start moving is this tight hug in which colors take an impressionist look. His blonde hair, her flaming ponytail, his blue eyes, her turqoise hoodie, his green t-shirt. I’ve been here for 8 months and it’s the first time I see such a display of affection coming from Norwegians.