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My feet are cold and 90% of my thoughts gravitate around the idea that I can’t swim. I am slightly slipping on the rock and the wind isn’t helping that much either. Is it even good time to fish when it’s windy? Doubt it. My mind reassures me, I got 3 friends behind me, a life buoy and some hot tea. That should keep me ok. I just learned how to throw the angler into the water and I looove the feeling when it just goes and goes out into the sea. The sound of the water hitting the rocks gives me flashbacks of much nicer temperatures, at the Romanian seaside. I keep throwing even though the waves and the putrid smell make me slightly noxious. Each time I hope maybe I’ll get the beginner’s luck and some huge thing gets hooked. Around the time when my tongue is too frozen for me to speak,  everyone decides to go. We caught some algae though 🙂