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Since I have to limit my personal possessions to a seasonal 25kg I can carry with me on the plane, my library is mostly borrowed. A few though are so close to my heart I just have to take them.

From left to right.

-the little corner is a piece of a long-wished for book: The Big Book of Illustration Ideas. It was a birthday present from my nice brother. I am looking forward to getting the 2nd volume, twice as great as this one.

– The big big thing next is a fantastic pop-up book with which I can lure any kid into liking me. It is a short Norwegian version of Alice in Wonderland which my boyfriend gave me as a present (with no occasion at all :D)

-After that is one of the prettiest little things. It is a series of ghost stories written, adapted and illustrated by Chris Mould, in Norwegian. He has such a vivid drawing style. I never get tired of looking at it. Also, now I can read it!!

-Cooking for Geeks. It was on the new stuff shelf in the library. So, did you know if you make an omelette on really low temperature for 30 minutes  the eggs taste like cheese? I will try it one day.

-How to be an illustrator. A book I bought in the comic book store in Bergen, Outland. I love how the author takes you from how to prepare a decent portfolio which doesn’t scream “student” to how to write an invoice.

-A glossary of literary terms. Just a leftover from my Modern Literature class this semester. hm…should take that one back.

-Theories of mass communication. Yes, I must start preparing for my bachelor thesis.

-1st volume of Harry Potte, which I am reading in order to polish my Norwegian.

-The fellowship of the ring. Because I am trying to not be obtuse and give it a try. (I fell asleep during the movie.Twice.)

-Travesuras de la Nina Mala by Llosa. Bought it in the airport before leaving Romania this summer. I enjoyed as I usually enjoy every word Llosa writes.(oh, it’s in Romanian )

-Ishmael. Still have a little left of it. So far, potentially life-changing. Read about it in a favorite books thread and wanted to give it a try.

-Atonement. Mandatory lecture for school. It changed the way I enjoy books. Thanks to my teacher also.I would normally not put up with such a great level of lyrical in prose, but this book is so intricate it caught me. Also I bought it for just 1 buck in a used books store.

-Brave New World. Because so many people are recommending it. Not started yet, but we’re getting there.

-an agenda I got from school. Grocery list and fast sketches material.

-A diary book I got from one of my friends for my birthday years ago. It’s my dream diary.

Oh, and here is a bit of the lovely Chris Mould illustrations.

And I will end with a glimpse out my window. It feels like Christmas…