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1. Samantha from the 1964 Bewitched series.

As a kid I would’ve given anything to be able to do some magic just by twitching my nose like her. I hated her husband though. She always got him out of trouble with her skills and he never appreciated it. I guess there were some subliminal messages there to be sent to the wives of the 60s.

2. Jeannie from the 1965 I dream of Jeannie TV series.

I guess she was tehnically not a witch, she was a genie (haha…very creative writers there with that Jeannie- genie thing going on… not).She still did some magic stuff so it counts in my book of witches. I was inlove with the idea of a fancy apartment inside of a bottle. Also she was probably created to follow the Bewitched trend since she also had the magic gesture.She was the one with the blink and arms crossed. Her partner, whom she calls “master”, is the guy who much later played J.R. in Dallas …:D as many many of those who were kids in the 80s-90s may remember. In this series he is an astronaut working for NASA. There’s a funny line in the intro saying “There in this house the girl in the bottle plays spin the astronaut”. Quite timeless I say.

3. Sabrina Spellman (once again the writers did it ….Spellman ..really?)

Mainly just because she could get any outfit you could think of just by swooshing her finger. Also because she could turn people she hated into goats and her closet was a door to another world.

4.Piper Halliwell from Charmed series.

She could freeze time! Nothing beats that. Well also she is the only one to have some normal love life and she does not die during the series.

5. Bellatrix Lestrange from Harry Potter

Just because Helena Bonham Carter plays her. And she is awesome.

6. Morgan Le Fay in Merlin tv series (1998)

For the same reason as 5

7. Marry Poppins  both from the book and the film with Julie Andrews.

Cause she can fly with her parrot handle umbrella. And because she has a nose like a dutch doll. And cause she can jump into paintings. I guess it’s questionable if she was a witch or not. Once again I thought if she did magic she was a witch. A good one though.