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This time it is actually more than one snapshot, and to be more precise the action is set in Ålesund, a lovely town with Art-Nouveau architecture and a nice vintage feel to it, just 2 hours from Volda.

The mister and I took a weekend trip and ended up looking for cozy places since (surprise, surprise) it was raining the whole time. That is how we got to this old comic-book store which sells many more goodies like LPs, CDs, books, old magazines and newspapers.

The mister was happy enough to find his beloved batman and sandman, while i just went through and casually tore down some piles of vinyls.

*no, this one looked like this the whole time.but leaving that aside. I even found some Romanian material.

there were actually two of them. cool to know someone in Norway once owned this.

I found this slightly amusing, slightly worrying ad in a 1969 number of Playboy. nicely targeted i guess?

And there was even the special edition of a newspaper from 1939. The title says Russia and Germany on joint war front.


Before heading out I just had to take a snapshot of this album cover. It was Simon and Garfunkel’s first one if i am not mistaken. I just love the font.


KJØP, SALG, BYTTE. An enchanting message for the oldies amateurs. Buy, sell, exchange

After the mandatory smoke break we put up with the rain in the search for some stores and a cinema. In exchange for that we got to enjoy the beautiful buildings.

I guess the town decided I looked too much like a tourist, so it soon sacrificed my umbrella. And with that I finally decided to settle for a raincoat.

It got torn just after this picture.But we went on bravely.


and a bit jealous of those who were all cozy in their cars.

and then i saw this guy. definitely tourist. he looked enigmatically ladylike with his scarf and earrings while trying to hide away from my camera under the Thon hotel umbrella.

But finally I bumped into some local friends.Many thanks to Ina for pointing out the way to one of the coziest cafes I’ve been in around here.


on the way there we had to go through this very Art Nouveau tunnel, with lamposts and a photo exhibit on the walls. very inspirational.

We never made it to the cinema. The cafe, Lyspunktet (The Highlight or the bright spot?), was so charming with its fireplace, its free-refill cheap house coffee and the good music that we stayed for hours.

We concluded with me pretending to play chess. Fail.