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I never knew making an exhibit can be so much fun. Here is a little from the work we did for our Photo, Art and Illustration class this week.

while everyone else was being all serious and pro, me and Tanja were building ourselves a little dollhouse.

Ok, no…not really. But close enough. We made our exhibit as a little wonderland where you could only peek in. Alice was there too 🙂

The picture is taken by Tanja. Let’s say I was working. And yes, I am a lefty. And it looks akward even for me when I look at it.

4 hours later and a whole great deal of wasted tape , we started doing the actual work of exhibiting our photos.

At which point Tanja started feeling like she was putting up the Christmas tree. Look at her. She has the “I am hanging the angel now!” pose. I guess it was also Jan’s fault, whose music went hand in hand with the Holiday carols.

My Alice illustration doing some bungee-jumping, mushrooms on the floor, miniature Bergen houses, mister’s face as a giant, and the rabbit rushing into the Volda horizon.  Quite a  trip.

Also a snail passing by and colorful lights. Must slide or open the door-photo to look in.

Like that. Tanja is admiring our finished work. And it only took us 7 hours…

That’s when I saw this thing from the window. And I wondered if the poor guy was also spending 7 hours sticking scotch tape or punching holes through plexiglass.

Natasza all dismantled trying to figure out where things should go.

Lise also dismantled. And with extra candy lips on the side.

And my personal favorite. she did good on the colors.