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A lovely evening class from last week. We met up at our teacher’s place armed with copies of a Norwegian novel- Pan, by Knut Hamsun. We were going to disect the book and watch the movie.

You see those tiny lights down there? that’s where i live. and i speed walked my lungs out all the way up here. but the view of the fjord and the mountains was worth it.

Nils Magne, our guest teacher, is a specialist in Hamsun. He came all the way from “up North” to tell us more. And he brought wine for everyone :D. I think this is about the time he was telling about the author’s meeting with Hitler. He was almost deaf and interrupted the leader so many times that he burst out of the room. Hamsun cried after his failure. Nils Magne tries to convince us he was not an actual Nazi.

Many many chapters later we had free norwegian books and an autograph session.I will probably be able to read that by the time my grand-grandchildren will be teleporting themselves into my asylum room.

Wenche, our teacher, had the nicest cups ever, looking like Penguin book covers. I like the thought of sipping my tea from “Great Expectations”.

That wonderful moment between starving student and the tortilla chips.