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Have recently started being nostalgic about Volda. So I put together some virtual flashbacks.

My Inspiration wall.

 Getting to meet Darinka on a late movie night. Behind is not the wall of a serial killer. It was my “learning norwegian” wall.

A little piece of Porse, our dorm, on a really snowy day.

After work moment. The boots, the umbrella, the waterproof bag – my arsenal

Let’s just say Captain Morgan was at a party that night.

Andrada and me were heading for Rokken, the student club. i think…

fairytale trees

Experimenting  with the camera.

Just love clouds

Cozy time with Jade and Astrid. Movie, swimming and sauna.

Leaving Volda before Christmas. Got to the airport waaaay too early.

Sunshine at my window

Photoshoot in extreme conditions. Frosty was my middle name.

Passing some time in the studio with Darinka.

Late night poster workshop for our play “Act SEX!”

Winter nights