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I have had quite the mood for some old Hollywood movies. That combined with my recent addiction for a website where i can check off movies I have seen…gives one quite a few hours of cosy girl time. For whomever is trying to lose an earworm by getting a new earworm…I recommend Meet me in Saint Louis (1944)

This was one of Judy Garland’s favorite roles apparently. And I can see why. Just look at those costumes…(wiping drool). I loved the songs even though I am not usually a fan of 1 minute intermissions in the plot of the movie. It goes on my list of movies with most beautiful visuals. The ingredients are: St. Louis, beginning of 1900s, a large family and their issues, some love stories, a lot of dancing and singing. Enjoy!

As a bonus here is the potentially addictive website i am using: www.icheckmovies.com . I just love that I have access to all kinds of lists that I can tick off. I am currently tackling the “1001 movies to see before you die”.