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I guess a short introduction is in order. I have long moved from Volda. Now living in a bit bigger place named Hamar, somewhere around an hour from Oslo. And autumn is knocking at the gates and I just had to catch that moment.


I love this sort of cult Norwegians seem to have with making their windows pretty to look at from the outside.


Tatiana was kind enough to let me take pics of her. Hope she doesn’t sue me for putting them out here.


Being slightly tempted to jump over the fence and go for a swing. Tatiana was slightly tempted to go and even out the length of the swings. Either way, I don’t think the house owner would be very pleased.


I simply adore nature in the autumn. Those colors…


Adorable little things you see on your way to school/work.


No idea what is going on behind that window, but I would make a drawing room in there.


Something divine in that lighting.


“Loc de stat cu capul in maini in mijlocul sufletului”


Heading back home. Our ears are freezing. That yellowish light is tricky. It brings but the illusion of heat.