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The effect of a massive amount of reference available ends up making me overwhelmed. And by the time I am starting something, I almost give up trying to learn from others and just do it on my own. Well, that’s wrong. I guess students weren’t hanging out in Rembrandt’s workshop for nothing. You need to learn from the masters. And while the digital world and techniques may allow you to learn a lot without even leaving the house…I guess you should find your masters. I am trying now to perfect my portrait painting skills. And here are some pretty neat things I found:

Lauren has a longer tutorial that I found to be less amateur than a lot of things on deviantart.

Skin Color Chart

This is from brazilian artist Amelia Woo. Click the picture to check out her tutorial. I prefer going a different way, but I think I will steal a bit from here too. I like that her palette is going to some crazy hues like blue, which I know is usually a good idea, but I tend to be too chicken to try. Skin Tutorial

This is from a website I just discovered through deviantArt. It is a group of artists under the name of ConceptCookie. Even though most of their best resources come for a paid membership, I did find some useful free images (like closeups of how to paint face details). Actually considering to try out their membership. Here, it was useful to realize you can add details also with a more concentrated speckled brush (first one) Texture Brushes

I would follow this one only to pick some swatches and maybe the texturing part. I detest using the Smudge tool for skin and think it’s the amateur way out.  Skin Swatches