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I had been whining for a while (like every other young adult) that the era of extramegasuperduperawesome cartoons has ended. That nothing will beat 2 Stupid Dogs, Dexter’s Lab or Scooby Doo. However, something caught my attention in a very unlikely place. Disney Channel !!! This show is called Gravity Falls and it’s funny and tells great stories in each episode. And it actually makes me hope my kids will not lower their IQ by watching the cartoons they make today.

But what is even more awesome about it, as far as i am concerned, is the background art for this. I can tell they are spending a loooot of time on them. But it’s worth it. The show gets a very cool feeling. I love the way they use slightly textured brushes, but still maintain a clean look to it. So I did what I never thought I would…FANART…

But hey, ever thought that students a few hundred years ago, sitting in the master’s workshop,  doing studies and learning to paint exactly like him, was after all fanart? Yes, what I did was actually a study…I wanted to learn how to use textured brushes more effectively, study the coloring and lighting. So I basically took a screenshot and redid the image with my own two little hands. Shaky lines, admit to a bit of tracing (since inking was not my focus on the study). But I tried to eye the color and it’s saturation without color picking. Totally helps.

So here it is:

gravity falls background2

Now go watch the show!