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I’ve been super caught up in a project we’ve been struggling to finish for 2 years. I’ve done all the artwork for a funny retro point and click adventure game in 2D called Dudefish. Feel free to follow the progress here on Facebook. It’s killing me, but I can’t show anything yet. I’ve been going over old artwork, polishing things up, working on a start screen, so on and so forth. Not much summer for me yet. So as I needed some kind of variation, I watched a live stream on color and light from Concept Cookie (which you should check out if you didn’t already). You can still see it here. So I used my last minutes of the day studying like I should have done long time ago (when I was in actual art school) and dreaded any still life study. As much as I hated it, I have now come to accept that without those studies…there is no base for your art. So I’m gonna try making more of these. The reference image is from here on Deviantart.