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I spent this Easter surrounded by lots of creative people, party lights, loud music and like a billion computers. It’s called The Gathering, the second largest computer party in the world. Somewhere among those 4500 people and many many events, there was a creative lounge where people just sat at their machines and …enjoyed being creative. It was awesome. Even more awesome was that I won something with a couple of my submissions. First place on MS Paint competition and Fourth place on Freestyle Graphics. I seriously loved the 10 hours I spent painting in Paint. I had never ever used it more than to try out the spray brush tool during a boring Computer Science class in times when we were not allowed to use internet in class, and even if we had been, there was hardly anything out there.

silly cat get off the rails_by Delia Tee

Here are some screenshots with the progress (my first progress gif ever, by the way):

silly-cat-get-off-the-rails_by_deliaTee_01Also here is the Freestyle entry, even though I am not so happy with it. The character looks too much like an afterthought, with totally wrong contrast. But I do like the space.

Out for the day_by_Delia-Tee