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loish study

workout jar

I will hereby introduce you to my new artist workout method. It’s a jar. Yep. A jar filled with lots and lots of little post its. What’s on the post its? Well basically all the things about which I always tell myself “Ah, I should get around to doing that at some point”. I am not referring here to vacuuming my place or doing the laundry. This is a little more art oriented, like master studies and focused anatomy practice :D.

Since I pretty much suck at keeping a habit for longer than 3 weeks, I thought I should embrace my thirst for variation. Whenever I have time for a workout session, I’ll pick a ticket and do whatever is on there.

The first one told me to study the progress and work of loish (one of the art sweethearts of the internet). Then I had to apply what I learned in my own manner.

So..what I took from her here was:

-working from dark to light

-color variation

-build the nose and corner of lips more carefully

– rythm

-using one brush for painting and just one soft one for some final light effects

-confidence to use max 2-3 layers

Also, I used the 4th brush in this set, from AlectorFencer, for pretty much everything. I really enjoyed saving the time on browsing through brushes and focusing on colors instead.

Here is the reference I used : a gorgeous redhead

And here are some videos of Loish’s progress: my god she is good.

Stay tuned for my next workout 😀