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This time it was studying, taking notes and applying what I learned from a chapter of Color and Light, one of the most useful books for a painter, by James Gurney.

Chapter 1. Tradition
Painting analysis: Noonday light casts shadows directly downward, avoiding drama.

Impressionism uses broken color – the placement of adjacent strokes of contrasting hues, which mix vibrantly in the eye
A color scheme that contrasts greens with reds, while downplaying yellows, violets and blues. Reds appear in full intensity, but also muted in pinks. Red- green palette.
1. use of broken color. I tried, but I do not have the patience to put side by side tiny strokes of color. I tried something more similar to scraping off the top layer of paint to reveal the one of a different color underneath
2. try out a full color palette with red and greens as dominants
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