The Artist Workout Jar, Ticket #3


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Today’s ticket waaaaas… drumroll…”HANDS”. Such a painful subject. I actually looked through Burne Hogarth’s Dynamic Hands book to get myself in the right mindset. It made a world of difference. Only like 5000 more hours needed to master this part 😀

Also, I used some really nice free photo reference from here.

studies hands


The Artist Workout Jar, Ticket #2


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two colors_ticket 2_


Well, the ticket I picked today was all about limits and how, usually, they can inspire creation. I had to make something using just two colors (hues). I went for blue and red, since it’s a combination I fell inlove with after seeing something of Eyvind Earle. This was just a messy warmup here, slightly inspired by the place I live in.

The Artist Workout Jar, Ticket #1


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loish study

workout jar

I will hereby introduce you to my new artist workout method. It’s a jar. Yep. A jar filled with lots and lots of little post its. What’s on the post its? Well basically all the things about which I always tell myself “Ah, I should get around to doing that at some point”. I am not referring here to vacuuming my place or doing the laundry. This is a little more art oriented, like master studies and focused anatomy practice :D.

Since I pretty much suck at keeping a habit for longer than 3 weeks, I thought I should embrace my thirst for variation. Whenever I have time for a workout session, I’ll pick a ticket and do whatever is on there.

The first one told me to study the progress and work of loish (one of the art sweethearts of the internet). Then I had to apply what I learned in my own manner.

So..what I took from her here was:

-working from dark to light

-color variation

-build the nose and corner of lips more carefully

– rythm

-using one brush for painting and just one soft one for some final light effects

-confidence to use max 2-3 layers

Also, I used the 4th brush in this set, from AlectorFencer, for pretty much everything. I really enjoyed saving the time on browsing through brushes and focusing on colors instead.

Here is the reference I used : a gorgeous redhead

And here are some videos of Loish’s progress: my god she is good.

Stay tuned for my next workout 😀



Inside Laura’s world – the biggest illustration I ever made


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So recently I have been working on a really pleasant project. As delightful to work on as a cup of warm cocoa with marshmallows. Or ..I donno..anything that makes you warm and fuzzy inside. It started as a series of images to be part of the website design for her book site, which you can visit here (It’s written in Romanian though, but you may still enjoy the images).

Laura is a very talented writer and a really inspiring person. But her actions are even more inspiring than her words. She encourages me to go out more, work on creating beautiful moments for me and my relationship, instead of just sitting around waiting for magic to happen. She, her boyfriend (a photographer) and a really sweet and silly dog named Tic have been all over my Facebook feed with stories they make up in their photos. A charmed atmosphere, filled with love, happiness, giddiness, gorgeous dresses and props. Now all the stories told in images and Facebook statuses are taking the shape of a book. They are an illustrator’s dream.

Here is also a version you can scroll through, as intended.


I knew i couldn’t just play with motives in this. It needed a cute story. And since most of the content of the book happens throughout a year, I wanted to show the seasons transitioning as you scroll through the website. However Tic’s actions happen in a very short time. He is running through the fields, he sees the dresses fluttering in the wind, then starts a tug game with one of them. He ends up stealing it and running away with it through summer. Until he sees something shining in the autumn light: a rock! This is something the real Tic seems to be obssessed with.  He leaves the dress for the rock and runs all the way to winter. But..oh..what happened? There is ice under the snow. Tic tries to break, but it’s too late. He lands right on his nose. Thankfully, the snow made the landing a bit smoother. Lastly, a happy ending, where  Laura, Andrei and Tic enjoy the winter and each other.The idea was that of time passing by when you’re having fun. I studied Tic’s behavior and personality, as well as that of the owners’. Studied their movements, their smiles, their clothes, the way they hold themselves. Then came a loooot of study sketches. Here’s only a few.


And here are the original characters. I believe most of the photos if not all of them are done by Andrei. You can see more of his work here.

moodboard laura si tic

Then came the draft in color, with a rough idea of the story. And a billion hours later came the polishing. Previously my focus was on environments and props, so it was quite a challenge to make characters in my style while also showing some resemblance. This was serious fun though 😀

Painting in MS Paint. Whaaaat?


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I spent this Easter surrounded by lots of creative people, party lights, loud music and like a billion computers. It’s called The Gathering, the second largest computer party in the world. Somewhere among those 4500 people and many many events, there was a creative lounge where people just sat at their machines and …enjoyed being creative. It was awesome. Even more awesome was that I won something with a couple of my submissions. First place on MS Paint competition and Fourth place on Freestyle Graphics. I seriously loved the 10 hours I spent painting in Paint. I had never ever used it more than to try out the spray brush tool during a boring Computer Science class in times when we were not allowed to use internet in class, and even if we had been, there was hardly anything out there.

silly cat get off the rails_by Delia Tee

Here are some screenshots with the progress (my first progress gif ever, by the way):

silly-cat-get-off-the-rails_by_deliaTee_01Also here is the Freestyle entry, even though I am not so happy with it. The character looks too much like an afterthought, with totally wrong contrast. But I do like the space.

Out for the day_by_Delia-Tee